Brackensdale has a very structured approach to the teaching of Phonics and Reading, based on the Letters and Sounds scheme. Children are introduced to rhythm and rhyme and initial phonic work in the Nursery (we have invested a wonderful learning programme called Literacy Launchpad), that ensures that children have the necessary skills to be able to access their Phonics learning) and from Reception to Year 2, a daily focused Phonics session is taught to all children. Children are regularly screened to assess their attainment, which then informs which group they will work in. These groups are very fluid and adjust quickly to the children’s needs.

In the Summer term, usually around the beginning of June, Year 1 children take a Phonics Screen Check. They have to read a mixture of 40 real and nonsense words that are phonetically decodable. The pass rate is usually around 32/40. It is important to note that this check is carried out in a very relaxed manner and the children will be used to the format of it as we use that format to assess their attainment. IF a child was to not pass their test in Year 1, they would continue to have daily Phonics lessons in Year 2 and would retake their Phonics Screen Check in the Summer.

IF children are still struggling with their Phonics, at the end of Year 2, they will be supported in intervention groups, in Key Stage 2.

Brackensdale have invested in many Phonetically decodable reading books so that children can practise their fluency skills, to their level.